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​Since childhood, Fran has always enjoyed drawing. Spending her early days growing up in West Virginia, it was no wonder she ended up with the love of painting animals and nature.


Each painting is original, personal and has it own unique style. Acrylic paint on slabs of hardwood is one of her favorite mediums. These woods vary in size and distinction, are kiln dried, sanded smooth, then treated with a sealer. On this she renders the warm, lively portraits of pet animals and creatures of the wild.

Painting from personally being within sight of the animals and then using photographs and research to enable her to paint with greater accuracy, she recreates the image of the animal before her, capturing the rough and the delicate as she sees it. She then breathes life into the eyes, filling out the dimensions of personality, the loyal domesticity, the untamed instincts, and the unerring love embodied within.


To complete the painting, Fran likes to touch in her personal symbol of humanity, a little bird sitting quietly forever before the eyes of the animal whose head tilts in silent wonder at life on this earth. Fran's artistic abilities have gained her considerable notoriety, including appearances on "Virginia Wildlife Video Magazine" and "Virginia Outdoors".

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